Steamed Pork & Prawn Dumpling Soup
Steamed Pork & Prawn Dumpling Soup
Servings Prep Time
5people 20minutes
Cook Time
Servings Prep Time
5people 20minutes
Cook Time
  • 1×500g FODMAPPED Chicken Stock
  • 2tbsp Soy Sauce Gluten Free
  • 3cm Piece Gingerpeeled
  • 2 Star Anise
  • 20 Gluten Free Dumpling Wrappers
  • 200g Lean Pork Mince
  • 100g Prawn Meatchopped
  • 2tbsp Coriander leaveschopped
  • 1tsp Lemon Grassgrated
  • 1 Eggwhite
  • Finely sliced Chillifor garnish
  • Vietnamese Basilfor garnish
  1. Pour the FODMAPPED Chicken Stock into the base of a double saucepan or wok.
  2. Add the ginger root, soy sauce and star Anise. Bring the stock to the boil over a low heat.
  3. Combine the pork mince, prawn meat, coriander leaves and lemon grass in a small bowl and mix well.
  4. Lay the Gluten Free dumpling wrappers onto a flat surface. Divide the mixture evenly between all the wrappers.
  5. Brush the edges of the wrappers with the egg white and press the edges to secure the filling into an envelope shape neatly twisting the top to secure.
  6. Place piece of baking paper into the base of a bamboo steamer and place the dumplings into the steamer in a single layer. Do not allow them to touch as they will stick together.
  7. Place the steamer over the simmering soup stock, cover with the steamer lid and steam 7 minutes. start timer
To serve
  1. Serve hot with a ½ cup of steaming liquid. Garnish with Vietnamese basil and chilli.
Recipe Notes

Pork mince maybe replaced with chicken mince.