At Everyday Nutrition Jo and Marnie are passionate about digestive health. As Accredited Practising Dietitians they both have a depth of knowledge and experience that sets them apart from the rest. They now work exclusively in IBS and food intolerance and a great source of inspiration and advice for FODMAPPED foods.

Joanna Baker

Master of Dietetics | Bachelor of Science (nursing)

Joanna is an Accredited Practising Dietitian and a Registered Nurse. Having suffered with digestive complaints most of her life, she knows first-hand what it’s like to live with unpredictable gut upsets and dietary restrictions. In her practice at Everyday Nutrition, she aims to help you pinpoint your individual triggers so that you know what food you can enjoy, without letting gut symptoms get in the way of the life you want to live.

Marnie Nitschke

Master of Dietetics | Bachelor of Science (nutrition)

Marnie is a mum and an accredited practising dietitian who loves food. During her 16 years as a dietitian, Marnie has specialized in gastroenterology at leading Melbourne Hospitals, as well as working extensively with clients in private practice. Marnie is experienced in the complexities of food intolerance, and uses a simple, individualized approach in her practice to help you take charge of your diet, without losing your passion for good food.


Both Joanna and Marnie share the same values as FODMAPPED foods to enjoy life and good food. If you have a specific question for a dietitian then send Jo or Marnie a message. We will pass on your message and come back to you with a response.

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