FODMAPPED is the world’s first dedicated low FODMAP brand, producing food products specifically designed for people on a low FODMAP diet, those living with Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS) and other gastrointestinal diseases. Australian owned and operated FODMAPPED Foods is based in Melbourne, Australia, locally producing low FODMAP soups, stock, simmer sauces and pasta sauces – products that traditionally present a challenge for sufferers of gastrointestinal diseases.

Made from real ingredients, our entire FODMAPPED range is 100% free from gluten, onions and garlic (some of the main triggers for people with IBS) but still rich in flavour and most importantly SAFE for sufferers of IBS. Furthermore, every product is certified with the FODMAP Friendly logo (the only registered certification worldwide that identifies the FODMAP levels of packaged food) and have each been independently lab tested by a NATA certified laboratory, so you can know with confidence that they really have been FODMAPPED for you!

Our current product range includes ready-to-eat soups, stocks, simmer sauces and pasta sauces with many more exciting products in the pipeline.