FODMAPPED sponsor Melbourne’s Low FODMAP Luncheon

FODMAPPED were proud to be the key sponsor at the Low FODMAP Luncheon on Saturday 25th March 2017, run by FODMAP Friendly. Held at The Firehouse Ringwood, the restaurant chefs created a special low FODMAP menu featuring FODMAPPED products in several courses, as well as recipe from FODMAPPED’s own Brand Ambassador Colleen Francioli (Founder of FODMAPLife) who has been visiting us here at HQ from California.

Guests included members of Melbourne’s low FODMAP community, dietitians and nutritionists, naturopaths and leaders from key businesses in the low FODMAP space. Speakers included Joanna Baker, APD, from Everyday Nutrition and Colleen Francioli.

Other sponsores included Wilde Beer who supplied locally-produced, gluten free craft beer; Liddell’s who supplied lactose-free dairy products for the menu; and The FODMAP Friendly Tea Co.


FODMAPPED was proud to be the major sponsor for the Low FODMAP Luncheon, run by FODMAP Friendly last weekend at The Firehouse in Ringwood, VIC.

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